Using Purple Hair Products to Maintain Platinum Blond Hair


In hair styling, there is a secret to getting the platinum bombshell. This hidden weapon against warm tones is purple shampoo conditioner, and other purple toning products.

Basically, the shampoo or conditioner will have a purple pigment that neutralizes any orange tones. This only works on blond hair that has been already lightened using a purple toner in the dying process. So as a maintenance routine, the client should use this shampoo or conditioner each time they wash the hair. This will ensure that maximum lightness of the blond is maintained.

Some people might be tempted to become lax on this process. After all, these type of shampoos and conditioners can be expensive. However, this is not the time to scrimp and save unless the person likes the warm blond with orange tones look.

People that maintain this routine enjoy low maintenance platinum blond hair and only have to get the roots touched up next color visit. And that sounds like a win all around.

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